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Converting a Light-O-Rama (LOR) sequence to your layout

NOTE: There was not enough interest in this product, so it was put on hold!

If you are like me, you buy one sequence, and then buy another (from another store) only to find that the channels don’t match.  To make the channels match is fairly easy, but tedious work.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a program that does that for you?

Announcing Beier Software’s new “Sequence 2 Layout” program.


This program shows you visually how the channels are grouped together, the differences in the Faces and props, and matches the channels up.  It will then write a new file with channels that match your specific layout.  It is that easy.


Matching faces is easy.  The simple text layout shows you what parts the source (new purchased) face has on the left, and your layout on the right.

Left Eye:
L = Left Eye (open)  R = Right Eye (open)
O = Eyes Open (single channel for both eyes)
_ = Eyes Closed

Middle Mouth:
M = Middle mouth
E = Wavey mouth
O = Oh shaped mouth

The list box below shows you the channels that it automatically matched for you (when you click the “Face =>” button)

Likewise the Props show you what groups of props are, and matches them for you.

It is best to match props with the same number of items, that is why it shows you the count at the beginning “6 * ...” & “8 * ...”.  You can drop down the list to see all the props.

There were actually 8 Tombstones in the Source, but 2 of them were misspelled, and put in the leftover channel box.  A simple drag and drop will fix this, and the order they appear.
Props Original Props Fixed

Multiple songs can be converted to one layout.

This program is in the prototype stage.  If you are would like to be notified of it’s progress, please email me at

If you are adventurous you can download and try it by clicking: here.