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I started BSD in the late 1980’s when my sister needed an accounting program for her business.  Since everything was DOS back then (no Windows), there was nothing “User Friendly” that I could recommend to her, so I wrote one.

  • - I didn’t just write “An Accounting Program”, I wrote a Windows like environment.
  • - I didn’t just write a database (there was no SQL), I wrote a Database System.
  • - I didn’t just write a menu, I wrote a Menu System.
  • - I wrote background printing and a memory manager.
  • - Basically I wrote all the tools that are now replaced with Windows and SQL.

Then I wrote an accounting program, and all of this I did in less than a year!



We do it right!

We don't settle for what is easy, we write code to do the job right!
Why do you have to remove the spaces and - in phone numbers and credit card numbers? Can't the computer do that?


We speak both User and Computer, so we can make the computer do what you want it to do!