Master Of Orion – Conquer the Stars


Star Trek’ish

Version 1.0  - Download

I am calling this mod a “Transitioning Tool” because I want to help fans learn and enjoy Master of Orion, but there is no way to change the appearance of the races and magically convert this game into a Star Trek game.  Therefore, I have just done the best I can to make them to have similar tech and to act similar.  Also, the names have been changed to protect the innocent (mainly me from the lawyers ;-).

I have given the Humans Phasors, Romulans Disruptors, Klingons Torpedoes, and similar personalities.

Of course I recommend using this mod with my T-Best Uber Unbalanced Mega Mod.

You can download Star Trek’ish– here.

Join the conversation on Steam or, the latest beta is always available here.