Master Of Orion Conquer the Stars


Stronger Smarter Ships and Bases

Part of the T-Best Uber Unbalanced Mega Mod

This Mod includes:

1.       Bombers, Colony ships, Fighters, Scouts, Space Factories, Outposts, and Troop Transports should now have shields.

2.       Battle Pods reverted to not take any space, just add space.  Defaulted to be added to Frigates and Destroyers.

3.       All ship sizes have 8 special slots and 8 weapon slots.

4.       Frigates favor using fast torpedoes and eccm, fast & heavy armor missiles as well as heavy armor, reinforced hulls and dauntless guidance systems.

5.       Destroyers favor using cannons, torpedoes, heavy armor, reinforced hulls, hard shields and / or shield capacitors.

6.       Larger ships use similar configurations.

7.       Planetary defenses, outposts and star bases also use eccm, fast and heavy armor torpedoes and missiles.

You can download Stronger Smarter Ships and Bases here.