Master Of Orion Conquer the Stars


T-Best Uber Unbalanced Mega Mod

NEW Version 1.2 - Download

           Remove the extra tech tree choice branches I added in previous versions.

           Moved all food producing tech to a separate branch on the tree, so you dont have to research it if you are Silicoid.

           Added 4 new colony ships with prebuilt buildings. The following buildings just need to be assembled on the destination planet (takes 1 turn):

o   Soil Enrichment

o   Toxic Processor

o   Planetary Gravity Generator

o   Radiation Shield

           Minor changes to the races.

           Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1 - Download

v  Changed player colors to be more distinct.

v  Moved Mass Driver & Neutron Blasters around so Neutron Blasters are with other Neutron techs.

v  Added new Mega Colony Ship with 9 buildings:

  Automated Factory

  Hydroponic Farm

  Research Laboratory

  Colonial Revenue Services

  Government Building

  Neutron Collider

  Advance Data Center

  Cloning Center

  Soil Enrichment

Version 1.0  - Download

Who ever said life is fair? This mod is for people who like to be different. I have tried to make the races very strong in their own right with up to 3.5 times the food, finance, production, research, spying or population growth.

T-Best = Tonys Favorite (Best) Mods!
T-Best = The Only (and therefore Best) Unbalanced Mega Mod!

This Uber Mega Mod contains:



Spud Dastardly's:

  Volcanic Cooling

  Instant Gaia Terraforming

  Future Technologies / Evolving Technologies (From 5X)


  Extreme Races / Very Different Races

  Less Frustrating / Bringing Sexy Back mod

  Lots of Planets

  Stronger Smarter Ships and Bases

  Warp Speed

I thought, why reinvent the wheel?  So I borrowed a few techs from my friends and added them to my own.  The result:

-              The Corvette is a military ship smaller than a frigate, but faster.

-              The Corvette and all the other ships are equipped to be stronger (Torpedoes, etc.)

-              You have a very good chance of getting 4 or 5 planets in each star system (except for brown stars).

-              Volcanic cooling and Instant Gaia Terraforming are on the Tech Tree.

-              The tech tree is extended with ship module miniaturizations as well as a few extras.

-              I have also added to the tech tree a second chance to get optional technologies, many of them way before you normally get the chance.  For example, as part of the Xeno Relations branch, you can now also choose if you want Xeno Psychology or Troop Transports.  Because these are selectable technologies you should be able to steal them as well.

-              Warp Speed allows you to play 2, 3, or 4 times faster than Normal.

-              Oh, and did I mention that it allows unlimited DoomStars?

Please let me know what you like and don't like, there is always room for improvement.

You can download T-Best Uber Unbalanced Mega Mod here.

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